Registration Procedures for the Summer School for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Programs - 08 07 2020

Tuition Fee Payment and Registration Dates for the Summer School of 2019-2020:



Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Monday, July 13, 2020


If you wish to register for the summer school, please select your desired courses on the system. Saving your selection sends it to your Advisor for approval. Then, you will be required to provide the tuition fee for the summer school. Once your payment has been received, your Advisor approves your summer school registration.

Payment Methods for Summer School Tuition Fees:

  • You may pay your tuition fees by visiting the Denizbank Ankara Commercial Center Branch, or any Denizbank branch in Turkey, and convey your request to pay your tuition fees for Atılım University. You will be asked to provide your student number, or Turkish Citizen ID Number.
  • Online payments may be received through the University Payments menu on the Denizbank Online Banking System.
  • Credit card payments may be received through the “Payment via Online POS” option under the “Tuition Fee & Financial Transactions” menu on our ATACS system.
  • No wire transfer payments are to be accepted. 

Summer school tuition fees may not be paid in installments.