Announcement on the Hybrid Education System to be in place during Fall 2020-2021 - 28 08 2020

Dear Students,

We are rearranging our Academic Calendar in order to change our inauguration date of September 21, 2020, to October 5, 2020.

  1. As the common courses for all departments in our Associate/ Undergraduate Degree programs; History, Turkish and English courses are to be offered online, and remotely, via ZOOM+MOODLE.
  2. Branches are to be assigned for your practice courses which may not be offered remotely, to be presented FORMALLY.
  3. FORMAL education is to progress on Saturdays, as well.
  4. Preparatory English students are to be divided into two groups, with a group expected to participate in FORMAL education on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; while studying online and remotely via ZOOM+MOODLE on the remaining days. Therefore, the number of students in classrooms during these formal sessions are to remain at 12 to 13.
  5. All exams are to progress FORMALLY.
  6. For Graduate Degree courses with multiple students, students are to be divided into two groups, with each group participating in FORMAL courses in alternating weeks.
  7. All courses presented in this manner are to be recorded and uploaded to the cloud, allowing for the students not taking formal courses during a particular week to watch these courses at will, via the cloud.