Announcement About Student Affairs Directorate Services - 14 09 2020

Dear Students,

In addition to the measures taken at our University due to Covid 19, we aim to minimize face-to-face communication in the services of the Student Affairs Directorate, which has heavy business traffic. For this reason, we aim to use the electronic services of our University in the transactions carried out in the Office of the Student Affairs Directorate. For every possible transaction, application and request for information, following the announcements we have posted on our e-mail or website and communicating with us through the forms will enable us to provide safer and faster service for our health.

You can access up-to-date information and announcements by following the relevant web pages for your issues and requests related to the Directorate of Student Affairs, access the necessary forms and application pages and reach us at the following e-mail addresses.

Thank you for your understanding and wish you healthy days.

Student Affairs Directorate

Web Page:

Application and Requests

Registration Cancellation Procedures :
Transfer Operations Horizontal :
Document Requests :
Diploma Submission :

** For document requests with wet signature, it is required to make a request and make an appointment to
** For our diploma delivery service, a request must be made to and an appointment must be made. Our students in the previously announced list can receive their diplomas on the dates specified in our announcement, they do not need to make an appointment.
** It can be obtained from e-government services for the Student Certificate.