Atılım University Regulations on Summer School

Dear Students,

The provisions of the ATILIM UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS OF SUMMER SCHOOL on courses to open based on the number of students to participate are below.

Course openings

ARTICLE 6 – (1) Courses to open are determined by Heads of Departments, taking into consideration the applications by students within the two weeks following the end of the Spring semester; and the opinions of advisors. Courses to open are announced following the approval of the relevant Dean/ Manager.

Number of students

ARTICLE 7 – (1) At least eight students are required to register for a course to open. The number of students required may be amended by the Presidency, taking into account the nature of the courses in question, and with the approval of the relevant Head of Department/ Department Major.

The Presidency resolution in favor of students taking effect this year as was the case in the previous years for possible courses of the Summer School is as follows:


  • Courses to which  8 or more students have registered shall open for attendance.
  • For courses with less than 8 registered students:
    • Internship/ Thesis/ Project courses shall open.
    • Courses with a value of (Registered Students X ECTS value) equal to or higher than 18 shall open.
    • Courses with a value of (Registered Students X ECTS value) lower than 18 shall close.