German Ambassador’s Exceptional Speech at Atılım University

German Ambassador’s Exceptional Speech at Atılım University attracted a large audience.

German Ambassador to Ankara Mr. Eberhard Pohl was the guest of Atılım University’s Diplomacy O’clock conference series, which host resident ambassadors,  foreign dignitaries and visiting politicians with a view to facilitating an athmosphere of exchange of views among students, academics as well as others. Diplomacy O’Clock series has been run by a team of academics and students from the Department of International Relations for the last two years.

Ambassador Pohl’s speech was attended by an impressive number of students, professors and journalists on April 1st, 2015, which lasted more than an hour and a half. Ambassador Pohl asserted that Germany attributes great importance to the relations with Turkey. He has touched upon the current issues, challenges and opportunities between Turkey and Germany. He responded to a wide range of questions from Turkey’s accession negotiations to EU to the Russian-Ukranian crisis and other regional and global foreign policy topics. Ambassador Pohl, well-known for his expertise on security policies, also provided detailed answers for a variety of questions such as aslym seekers in Europe in general and in Germany in particular, hate crimes directed against Turkish and Muslim communities in Germany and related issues. He explained in detail growing trade volume between Germany and Turkey and pointed out that there was also an increasing degree of cultural relations between the two countries alongside trade and economic relations.

Diplomacy O'Clock will host Ambassador Terhi Hakala (April 9 Thursday, at 11 : 30  Orhan Zaim Conference Hall, Law Faculty ), Director General at the Finnish Foreign Ministry, responsible for Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, who will offer the Finnish perspective on the latest developments in those regions.