Lawyers Came Together at Career in Law Forum

Approximately 320 candidate lawyers from various universities took part in the 4th Career in Law Forum, organized by Entrepreneur Lawyers Community. Candidate lawyers from various universities such as Istanbul University, Gazi University, Ankara University, Kirikkale University, Ahi Evran University, Hacettepe University, Cag University, Eastern Mediterranean University, Anadolu University, Uludag University, Suleyman Demirel University, Cukurova University gathered at Atilim University on December 10-11.

Expert lawyers, who are specialized in subjective fields such as “Magistracy and Prosecution”, “Academic Career”, “Notary”, “Mediation and Arbitration”, “Aviation and Aerospace Law”, “Sports Law” and “IT Law”, participated in the forum and answered the questions of participants.

Serhar Hos, Instructor at Atilim University and Asst. Prof. Mehmet Istemi, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, Atilim University gave a speech on the challenges and bright sides of being an academician.

Att. Mustafa Koroglu depicted his first days as a lawyer and continued with the challenges he faced in the following days but reminded that lawyers should not give up regardless of anything. He also addressed to the candidate lawyers who want to improve themselves; “if you want to learn something during your internship, you can do it by exploiting the experiences of your supervisor”.

Att. Omer Ata and Att. Ogulcan Kesedar gave a sincere speech under the title of “Courthouses” and mentioned their concerns and the solutions they found to be out of the woods like every intern.

In the forum, spokespersons emphasized the fact that lawyers should develop themselves as the number of law graduates increase nowadays and focus on a specific field and acquire a foreign language.