Young Lawyers Community organized the Conference “A Closer Look into International Organizations”

In parallel with the purposes and targets of the community, Young Lawyers Community brought Ahmet Parla, Information Director of United Nations and Att. Nilhan Atran Kanbir, Deputy Chairman of Ankara Bar European Union and Foreign Affairs Center together in the conference organized on Friday, December 16 in the first semester of 2016-2017 academic year. Mr. Ahmet Parla gave information about the structure, operation, purposes and works of United Nations and Ms. Nilhan Artan enlightened the students by explaining the methods, benefits and challenges of an international lawyer and building a career in international area. Students from other universities also participated in the activity.

The conference started with the opening speech of Asst. Prof. Cigdem Sever, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law. After the opening speech, Att. Nilhan Artan Kanbir interpreted being an international lawyer with pros and cons by giving examples from her own career. She also gave information about international arbitrary and mediation and answered the questions of the participants. In the second session, UN Information Director, Ahmet Parla informed the participants with his speech and presentation on the structure and targets of United Nations. Board members of the community gave a plaque to Mr. Parla and Ms. Kanbir for their valuable contributions. The conference ended with the closing speech of Ismet Ozgun Baykal, Chairman of the Board of Young Lawyers Community.