Our University Became Entitled To Be Supported As Implementing Organization In TUBITAK BIGG Program

Our University became entitled to be supported as implementing organization in “1512 Techno Entrepreneurship Capital Support Program (Individual Young Entrepreneurship - BIGG) 1st Stage Implementing Organization Invitation” 1601-1512 BIGG Program within the scope of TUBITAK 1601 Support Program for Enhancing the Capacity of Innovation Entrepreneurship Fields in cooperation with Baskent University and OSTIM Teknopark. http://www.tubitak.gov.tr/tr/duyuru/2016-yili-bigg-1asama-uygulayici-kurulus-cagrisi-sonuclari-aciklandi 

Atilim University will be among the Implementing Organizations which will execute 1st Stage processes for the BIGG invitation to be made in the first months of 2017. Within the scope of BIGG invitation, BIGG-ATILIM will collect and evaluate business idea applications of candidate entrepreneurs, pre-incubate approved ideas and subject them to business idea confirmation processes and support entrepreneurs in terms of qualified business plan preparation.  http://argeda.atilim.edu.tr/

The entrepreneurs who pass all processes successfully will be eligible to have TL 150.000 of grant from TUBITAK.

For further information about the program: http://bigg.tubitak.gov.tr/