II. Atılım Crypto Workshop Took Place on February 13,2017

Organized at Seyhan Cengiz Conference Hall on 13 February 2017, II. Atilim Crypto Workshop started with the speech of Prof. Tanil Ergenc, Chairperson of the Department of Mathematics and continued with honoring and speech of President Yildirim Uctug. Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and Onur Kocak from TUBITAK BILGEM, Koksal Mus from Istanbul Aydin University, Fatih Sulak from Atilim University, Ismail San from Anadolu University, Zulfukar Saygi and Ali Aydin Selcuk from TOBB ETU and Muhiddin Uguz from METU participated in the workshop as guest speakers, and project executive Fatih Sulak gave information about the workshop in the beginning of the organization.

Organized to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of the academicians and researchers working on cryptography, the workshop became a platform where current applications and issues of cryptography could be discussed with the participation of the speakers from the sectors needing cryptography, as well.

II. Crypto Workshop was organized within the scope of “Cryptanalysis of Authenticated Encryption Algorithms in CAESAR Competition” executed by TUBITAK and managed by Fatih Sulak.  The project has been structured on getting fundamental information on the basis of CAESAR competition, and it consists of the algorithms in the competition, the subjects enlightening the structure of these algorithms and the security analysis and cryptanalysis studies applied to these algorithms.