Students Starts the New Academic Year with E-book and New Generation Tablets (mPAD4)

Why mPAD4 and E-book?

-It is possible to take courses in the same conditions through complete and original educational materials/e-book by using mPAD4. In the past years, students could not supply original printed books and educational materials. Students brought incomplete, old version, insufficient and/or copied course notes into the class or attempted to attend courses without any material, thus they could not follow the courses properly.

-Instructors will be able to deliver their courses faster and more efficiently compared to printed books and allocate more time to our students.

-By using e-books on mPAD4, students will have the opportunity to benefit from multimedia features beyond the scope of printed books and the courses will be more interesting and understandable for students.  

-Assignments and course activities will be more entertaining, practical and easier and students will be able to watch and listen to course activities with or without their instructors. 

-Students can take notes on mPAD4 during or after the courses. It will be possible to save the screen shots in PDF format or print hard copies of them.

-Memorizing words in a foreign language will be more practical. It will be easier to view and understand the meaning, pronunciation and syntax of a word.

-mPAD4 will provide conveniences for our students who have different health issues (hearing, vision etc.). While you may not clearly see or hear audio-visual course contents projected onto curtain, mPAD4 will relieve you from such kind of problems.

-As you are able to access your e-books everywhere with mPAD4, you do not have to take the pain of carrying printed books with you. You do not have to consider the weight and size of printed books any more. The excuses such as “I forgot my course book” will be a thing of the past.

-The functionality of e-books have been arranged to be used on mPAD4 which is customized for Atilim University. mPAD4 has unique technological features beyond the all tablets in the market.  In other words, the tablet has advanced laptop features and a hybrid technological structure. Atilim University offers this product at a very lower price than the market.

-It is not possible to reach a sustainable education with a different tablet and a similar device. E-books are only customized to be accessed on mPAD4 tablets. Uploading e-books on a different device (computer, tablet and/or mobile phone) will invalidate the passwords; therefore, the passwords will not be valid on mPAD4 any more.

We wish our students a quality and rewarding academic year.