Affiliation Protocol with Medicana International Ankara Hospital

The School of Health Sciences and Medicana International Ankara Hospital signed an affiliation protocol on Wednesday, 27 June 2018. Students of the School of Health Sciences will have employment opportunities at Medicana Hospitals all around Turkey thanks to the protocol signed by Op. Dr. Gülçin Türkmen Sarıyıldız, General Manager of Medicana International Ankara Hospital and Prof. Füsun Terzioglu, the Dean of the School of Health Sciences. Additionally, staff of the hospital can benefit from the facilities and opportunities of the University in case of personnel training. 

Op. Dr. Gülçin Türkmen Sarıyıldız stated that Medicana family is happy and proud due to the affiliation protocol which has been a first in healthcare services in Ankara.

Prof. Füsun Terzioğlu indicated that this is a big step in terms of academic and clinic integration of the School of Health Sciences and emphasized the fact that meetings, publications, master’s and PhD programs to be organized with Medicana International Ankara Hospital will make a remarkable difference in the future.

Thanks to the affiliation protocol, our students will have an opportunity to practice their theoretical knowledge and observe various cases from different disciplines and professions at hospitals, and thus improve their professional knowledge and skills.

İhlas News Agency (İHA) made an interview with Ms. Terzioğlu and Ms. Türkmen about the protocol. For the news published by the IHA, please click here.