Dual-Degree Agreement between Atılım University and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (UUA)

Our students who fulfill the relevant criteria now have a chance to graduate with two degrees as per an agreement signed between our Department of Electrical Electronics Engineering, and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (UUA).

Within the framework of the program designed to grant our students with a high-quality, internationally-focused expertise in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, our students now have an opportunity to complete their undergraduate and graduate degree studies in a total of 5 years, 3 of which are to be pursued at our university.

Students with a CGPA of minimum 2.5 over 4 may apply to the program. A total of 10 students will be selected for each academic year, following a general evaluation.

Purpose of the Program

The program is designed to grant students with a high-quality, internationally-focused expertise in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. For the purposes of the program, students begin their studies at Atılım University, and continue their studies for 3 academic years. Then, after having completed the freshman year courses of the graduate degree program of UUA, students continue their studies as exchange students for two consecutive exchange semesters, in Austria. Students completing their exchange period successfully are granted an undergraduate diploma from Atılım University, along with the option to continue and complete their studies as a regular graduate degree program student in Electrical Engineering at UUA. In cases not mentioned in the aforementioned contract, dual degree students are subject to the criteria in place for graduate degree education at UUA, and those for undergraduate degree education at Atılım University.

Program Structure

The course load of the undergraduate degree program at Atılım University is 240 ECTS. The course load of graduate degree programs is 120 ECTS. The curricula have been synchronized between common universities. Courses taken at UUA count as graduate degree courses of UUA, and final year courses at Atılım University. Students may take 60 ECTS in one academic year. The academic achievements obtained by students during their exchange period are to be recognized by Atılım University.

The maximum number of students to be accepted to the program each academic year is 10.

Conditions for Application

Electrical-Electronics Engineering students wishing to apply to the program are required to have completed the courses as required by their first-year and second-year curricula (with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 over 4). A maximum of 10 candidates are selected by the Department after an evaluation of students having completed four semesters with a minimum CGPA of 2.5. These candidates are then monitored by the Department for the 5th and 6th semesters that follow. These students are required to maintain their level of success (of minimum 2.5 in CGPA). In addition, they are required to complete any courses from the final-year curriculum of the program of their registration and not deemed equivalent to any UUA course, by the end of their sixth semester. UUA is then informed of the candidates deemed fit for the program.

The finalization of the candidates is in the discretion of UUA, in accordance with Atılım University. Students with the same CGPA are listed respective to their level of success in the courses coded Electrical Electronics Engineering (EE) at Atılım University.