Atılım University Academics, The Most Influential Scientists Worldwide!

Four Atılım University researchers made the list of “The Most Influential Scientists in the World”, with updated data from the year 2020, compiled under the guidance of John P. A. Ioannidis from Stanford University.

The list classifies the scientists of the world as per certain indicators, such as the number of their quality publications, citations, h-index, and hm-index; placing them in the Top 2nd Percentile of the Top 100,000, or the Top 100 Scientists, with respect to 22 scientific fields, and 176 sub-fields.

1149 scientists from Turkey made the top 2 percentile of 100 000 scientists. Prof. Dr. Serkan Eryılmaz, our Vice President Responsible for Research and Faculty Member of the Department of Industrial Engineering; made the Top 100 among the 1149 scientists as the only scientist in Turkey to rank among the Top 100 in the field “Statistics & Probability”.

The updated 2020 categorization of scientists with “Career-long Effect” names:

  • Prof. Dr. Serkan Eryılmaz,
  • Prof. Dr. Yılser Devrim,
  • Prof. Dr. Atilla Cihaner,

and the “Annual Effect” categorization for 2020 names:

  • Prof. Dr. Serkan Eryılmaz,
  • Prof. Dr. Yılser Devrim,
  • Prof. Dr. Veli Cengiz Özalp

of Atılım University, flying our colors with pride.

We congratulate our valuable academics.

Prof. Dr. Serkan Eryılmaz

Prof. Dr. Yılser Devrim

Prof. Dr. Atilla Cihaner

Prof. Dr. Veli Cengiz Özalp