Our New Graduates Are Off to Their Careers

Our Graduation Ceremony for the Academic Year of 2021-2022, unlike the previous ones in the shadow of the pandemic, took place in all its glory as before, with a multitude of participants. 

A total of 1224 graduates were sent off during the ceremonies that took place over June 24-25-26, 2022. 

This year, Rana Özdemir from International Trade and Logistics took the lead, graduating top of their peers, followed by Eralp Akgül from Psychology, Zainab Faez Ezzat Al-Baghdadi from Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, and Bayram Alican Boztuğ from Mechatronics Engineering sharing the second place, while Yaşar Tolunay Kınık from English Translation and Interpretation was the third.

Students of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, and the School of Engineering graduated on Day One, while those of the Graduate Schools of Social Sciences and Health Sciences, as well as the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Health Sciences graduated on Day Two. The final day saw the graduates of the Department of Justice under the Vocational Graduate School, the Graduate School of Civil Aviation, and the Schools of Law, and Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture.

After a moment of silence and our National Anthem, our University President Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Üçtuğ inaugurated the event with his speech.  

President Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Üçtuğ stated: “This year is a significant one for us. This year, Atılım University celebrates its 25th year.  Our journey that began in 1997 with 3 schools continues onwards with 7 schools, 4 academies and 3 graduate schools today. And we have a wide variety of fields to offer, from engineering to health, law, and even civil aviation. We train graduates that will have a key role in the future of our country and the world. We make continuous efforts to reach new heights in terms of quality. Last year, we applied to the Institutional Accreditation Program by the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council, and were granted a five-year institutional accreditation in April. Evaluated in terms of every aspect, from education to research, internationalization, and management during the process, we were left to feel a great sense of pride in the level of quality that we have achieved, rising above many state and foundation universities. However, I should also mention that Mr. Yalçın Zaim, the Chairperson of our Board of Trustees, founding Atılım University 25 years ago on a quest for excellence, must be feeling our pride the best. As we leave behind a quarter of a century, I would like to extend my gratitude to him, and to everyone contributing to our university.”

The president added: “Dear graduates, you are graduating with the pride of holding degrees from a university that ranks among the top thousand worldwide; with the most accredited programs among foundation universities. Currently; 8 Engineering programs, 5 Business programs, 4 Arts & Humanities programs, and 1 Fine Arts, Design and Architecture program are accredited at national and international levels. Graduates of our accredited Engineering programs are able to work as engineers in the EU, or in Anglo-Saxon countries. We have been through a lot. And now, you are graduating with a multitude of advantages under your name. Dear academicians, you are the biggest architects of today’s world. You have immensely contributed in training our youth, our future. I am certain that your students will remember you with love and gratitutde, for a lifetime. I would like to thank you all. Dear members of our administrative staff, you also had a great role in seeing our students through to this day, as key players in the Atılım family. I would like to thank you all, as well.” 

Noting the determination and efforts by parents and students, Atılım University President mentioned: “Today is a day of pride, in fact, more so for you than anyone else. You gave it all for your children, for whom you held nothing back financially and emotionally, in order for them to become professional individuals with self-confidence. I am grateful for your contributions in seeing them through to this day. Dear graduates, you will wake up to a whole new world tomorrow. You may have to work harder than you did while you were with us, and improve yourselves. Yet, please remember that our country needs intellectuals from strong backgrounds, people like yourselves. Now, Turkey is not always the smoothest of sails. Yet, I believe that none of you will ever give up. In fact, you have no right to ever give up. That is because we have proven to stand tall against anything and everything, a hundred years ago. The road to modernity, as paved by our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, lies ahead. It is my request of you that you read his words, understand him, and follow him, whenever you feel trapped. Let Atatürk guide you throughout your life. I wish you all a continued state of happiness. I also wish you a happy, successful life, and extend you my love and respect.”

We wish our graduates, increasing in numbers and making us proud with what they achieve, the future of which they have always dreamed.