Atılım University Makes the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index Again!

Prepared by TÜBİTAK since 2012, and having been regarded as a key indicator regarding the innovation and entrepreneurship efforts of universities, the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index rankings were announced for this year. Atılım University, making the list for 11 consecutive years, was once again listed among the 50 universities within the scope of the index.

The Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index is prepared with regards to 23 indicators under the categories of “competence in scientific and technologic research”, “intellectual property pool”, “cooperation and interaction”, and “economic and social contribution”. Since the first year of the Index, the number of universities have been on the increase in our country, along with various distinctions with regards to evaluation criteria.

Atılım University solidified its academic competence, ranking the 10th among foundation universities, and the 28th overall.

While there are more universities in Turkey, the Index takes into account 129 universities with over 50 faculty members. This year’s rankings took into account the universities that were active on 31.12.2021, and had Professors, Assoc. Professors, and Asst. Professors as per the data from the Higher Education Council from 2021;    with the Index basing 15% on the competence of universities in scientific and technological research, 20% on their intellectual property pool, 25% on their cooperation and interaction efforts, and 40% on their economic and social contribution.

We are grateful to all our members to have contributed in our success.