Atılım University Ranks Top 10 in 5 Categories, RUR Rankings

The RUR Rankings Agency based in the Russian Federation has announced the 2023 results of the Round University Rankings (RUR), the first of which was announced in the year 2010.

This year’s RUR Rankings involve a total of 1215 universities 35 of which are Turkish universities.

The RUR Rankings have the universities evaluated overall, as well as in terms of education, research, international diversity, and financial sustainability.

35 Turkish universities, 11 of which are foundation universities, made this year’s RUR World Rankings, based on the following criteria:

• Education: 40%

• Research: 40%

• International Diversity: 10%

• Financial Sustainability: 10%

In this year’s RUR Rankings, Atılım University ranked as follows:

  • The 920th worldwide as the 19th Turkish university and the 5th Turkish foundation university;
  • The 823rd worldwide in terms of education as the 13th Turkish University, and the 2nd Turkish foundation university;
  • The 946th worldwide in terms of research as the 21st Turkish University, and the 7th Turkish foundation university;
  • The 589th worldwide in terms of international diversity as the 11th Turkish University, and the 6th Turkish foundation university;
  • And the 1095th worldwide in terms of financial sustainability as the 33rd Turkish University, and the 10th Turkish foundation university.

We are grateful to our members contributing in our success in these rankings.