Research Projects of AU Students Presented in ATAG 2024

The “Atılım Research Day (ATAG 2024)”, organized to provide poster presentations on the results of the studies of the academic year involving our undergraduate and graduate degree students, and to maintain a climate of research throughout the university, took place at the Incek Campus of Atılım University on May 9, 2024.

Organized by the Directorate of ARGEDA-TTO, and welcoming sector representatives, the event included poster presentations on all “Undergraduate Research Projects” conducted within the Academic Year of 2023-2024, and select dissertations; as well as research on graduate degree theses.   Inaugurated with a speech by Prof. Dr. Serkan Eryılmaz, the event continued with the panel “Atılım Students in Research”.

In the afternoon, following the presentation titled “New Approaches in Future Health” by Prof. Dr. Hakan Eroğlu, Chairperson of Health Institutes of Türkiye, the posters at the exhibition area were viewed by visitors, and details were shared on the results of the studies of our undergraduate and graduate degree students within the relevant academic year.

We congratulate our students taking part in our research activities to add value to themselves, the university, and our country; and extend our gratitude to our supporting academicians.