Announcement on Fall 2020-2021 - 24 09 2020

Dear Students, 

The official letter to universities dated 04.09.2020 from the Directorate of the Council of Higher Education pursuant to the letter from the Ministry of Health to the Directorate of the Council of Higher Education states that there is a need for certain decisions to be taken at the authorized boards of universities regarding the continuity of education, taking into consideration the importance of their schools and departments, for the Year of 2020-2021.

In this regard, graduate degree courses are to take place online, while doctorate degree courses are to take place mostly online, in line with the requests from the department major directorates throughout the Fall semester of 2020-2021 at our Graduate School. However, upon the requests from our faculty members (with the condition that they are shared in advance with the department major directorate and the graduate school), courses may take place formally.

Midterms and finals are to be performed online, as homework, or formally. The manner in which exams are to be sat will be shared with the department major directorate, the graduate school, and the students via Moodle in advance, via course syllabi.

In the event where exams are to be online, they are to be sat via secure assessment software. In this framework, our students will be required to have access to a computer with a web camera, and to follow the examination rules.

Our plans are subject to changes as per the resolutions by the Directorate of the Council of Higher Education, or wherever deemed fit.