Great News from Our Karting, Handball, and Men’s Volleyball Teams

Atılım University teams competing in Handball, Volleyball, and Karting presented their cups, rightfully earned in the games organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation, to Atılım University Presidency in a ceremony.

Our Karting team received their first cup by coming second in the Inter-University Karting Championship held in Kahramankazan. In addition, it was uplifting to see Atılım University students ranking both the first and the second in the race.

Our Handball team rose to the Primary League as the undefeated champion of the Secondary League Handball Turkey Championship held in Nevşehir.

Our Men’s Volleyball team played the finals for the first time in their history in the Secondary League Volleyball Tournament held at Bilkent University, and came the second.

On this occasion, we would like to thank our Board of Trustees, Atılım University President, and our Directorate of Social Affairs and Sports for their support.

We congratulate our athletes and our technical staff. May we always succeed.