Atılım Basketball Academy - Weekend Basketball Classes

Atılım Basketball Academy - Weekend Basketball Courses

Although a basketball course initially appears as a sports activity taking place on weekends, this activity impacts personality development in children to a great extent. Children attending basketball courses make new friends throughout the season, and become physically stronger. Basketball courses improve reflexes, coordination, and mobility especially in younger children; in addition to providing them with opportunities to experience winning and losing, and to learn to cope. In short, basketball is life. Basketball teaches children valuable behaviors such as sharing, staying determined, never giving up, and getting back up again. And we strive to help our children in becoming self-confident individuals who are good team players, individuals who understand the power of sharing, and exhibit athletic discipline.

Benefits of basketball;

  • Improved communication,
  • Improved resilience,
  • Improved balance and coordination,
  • The sense of teamwork,
  • A more disciplined way of mobility for younger children,
  • Improved leadership skills,
  • Exercising habits,
  • Improved self-confidence,
  • Better coordination and self-discipline,
  • Enhanced muscular structure.

Our Weekend Basketball Courses for young boys and girls begin on Saturday, September 9, at the Atılım University Gym.      

You may register after joining our tryouts. Our groups are for both girls and boys.

Age Groups: Ages 4-16


Saturday - Sunday:

Group 1 Courses:  10.00 - 11.00, for those born in 2011 and earlier

Group 2 Courses:  11.00-12.00, for those born between 2012 - 2013

Group 3 Courses:  12.00-13.00, for those born between 2014 - 2015

Group 4 Courses:  13.00-14.00, for those born between 2016 - 2017

Group 5 Courses:  14.00-15.00, for those born between 2018 - 2019


Place: Atılım University Gym - İncek

For further information and registration:

0535 627 40 56

586 89 95-94