Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory

Accommodating 35 students, the Laboratory has more than 100m2 area including 3 engine test rooms equipped with sound and vibration insulation, air conditioning, exhaust gas emission system, fuel feed and measurement system, engine fastening stand and fixtures, engine and dynamometer water-cooling systems, air-flow meter and remote control eddy current electric dynamometer which can adjust and measure engine torque and speed.

The laboratory allows performance and mapping experiments for internal combustion engines. Therefore, it is possible to carry out engine improvement studies, and program and calibrate engine control units.

In the laboratory, each experiment in conducted by two students who are expected to create computer software for experiment simulation and control, and arrange and execute experiments.

Hybrid Vehicle Laboratory

The laboratory is engaged in:

  • Internal combustion and electricity engine racing car design and manufacturing;
  • Vehicle parts and frame design and vehicle assembly works.