Invitation to 2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Projects (LAP) Program - 11 11 2016


Dear Students,   


We are expecting your applications to 2016-2017 Academic Year Undergraduate Research Projects (LAP) program supported by our university. You may apply to Invitation-based LAP Projects as “Scholarship Researcher” or “Voluntary Researcher” according to quota and your academic success point until 5.00pm on Tuesday, 22 November 2016.

This year, 79 scholarship researchers (GPA 2.50 and higher) and 81 voluntary students can be involved in 20 Invitation-based LAP projects (for the list and detailed information: under the counseling of 42 Supervisors/Co-Supervisors with the participation of 11 different departments. 

Applying to the invitation-based LAP projects ( by reviewing the conditions increases your chance to be selected in project teams.  Supervisors and Co-supervisors make the teams according to project applications. Even if there are more than one application, supervisors place students to only one project.

Academic studies of projects begin in Fall Semester (November 2016) and continue till the end of Spring Semester (June 2017). In May, project teams exhibit the products of their research and design works conducted throughout the year and promote their studies in national and international magazines, conferences and exhibitions by means of various publications during summer period.


Students may apply as Scholarship (GPA 2.50 or higher) or Voluntary researcher.

Below listed three stages must be completed for a valid application:

1- Sign in LAP application system (online) and print out the Application Form,

2- Submit the Application Form to your Academic Supervisor for approval and

3- Submit the Approved Application Form to LAP Project Supervisor/Co-supervisor.

You can sign in Online LAP Application System through the main page of Student Information System (SIS) or address by entering your SIS user code and password. 

You may find detailed information about participation rules and application stages on ARGETA-TTO web pages, and receive support through e-mail and telephone.

For Contact and Support:

Office of ARGEDA-TTO Tel: 312 586 8801; 586 8802 and


Undergraduate Research Projects (LAP) Program aims to create an undergraduate research culture at our university and raise researcher and creative students.

There are three categories of LAP Program including Credit Course Projects, Contest Projects and Invitation-based Projects.  The projects are exhibited in LAP Project Festival organized at the end of each academic year. As a result of the evaluation made by the academic juries of Science and Social Sciences, the projects ranking in top three are granted with reward certificate.

Application and Working Conditions of Invitation-based LAP Projects

  • Project supervisors select the students among the applicants in order to make invitation-based project teams.
  • It is also possible to apply as Voluntary Student to the projects with quota.
  • The printouts received from Candidate Application system must be approved by Department Advisor.
  • The students in sophomore and senior years may apply as Scholarship Researcher Student to the projects which comply with their qualifications (their GPA must be minimum 2.50).
  • All students may apply as Voluntary Student, if they meet requirements (without seeking for GPA).
  • Students may apply to more than one Invitation-based LAP project but they are appointed to only one project as a Research Students or Voluntary Student.
  • Researcher Students in project teams shall be paid 1.000 TL of scholarship in two installments at the end of relevant academic year and they are expected to work in the research project for minimum 100 hours in the academic year.
  • Our students should consult with their Project Supervisors, review requirements carefully, check the quota of projects and determine a reference instructor before their application.


Application Stages of Invitation-based LAP Projects

  1. Reviewing Projects on Web Page of ARGEDA-TTO and Making a Selection
  2. (Students can apply, if quota, requirements and conditions are available),
  3. Signing in Online LAP Application System through the main page of Student Information System (SIS) or ( address by entering your SIS user code and password. 
  4. Selecting a Project Code (you can proceed if your GPA and grade is complying; if not, your transaction is terminated)  
  5. Checking Project Information (if the information is correct, proceed; if not, proceed by selecting correct project)
  6. Filling out other Blanks in the Application Form
  7. Approval of Entrance
  8. Printing the Form (Two Copies)
  9. Having the Form Signed
  10. Submitting the Form to Relevant Project Supervisor
  11. Evaluation of Project Supervisor
  12. Announcement of Project Teams