Why Choose Aerospace Engineering?

Why Choose Aerospace Engineering?

Turkey has made a significant progress in terms of aerospace and defense industries. In the recent years, the Presidency of Defense Industries (PDI) has increased their R&D project investments to meet the current technological demands of the Turkish Armed Forces. Among the key players in this sector are Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI, TUSAŞ), ASELSAN Inc., TÜBİTAK Defense Industries Research and Development Institute (SAGE), ROKETSAN Inc., and TÜBİTAK-UZAY. Currently, these key players are successfully conducting the attack helicopter project, the general purpose helicopter project, the unique helicopter project, the National Combat Aircraft Project, the ANKA unmanned aerial vehicle project, as well as various types of unmanned aerial aircraft projects, the Hürkuş turbo-prop training aircraft project, the jet engine Free-Jet aircraft project, the GÖKTÜRK I and GÖKTÜRK II satellite projects, the SOM cruise missile project, the turbo jet engine production project, Göktuğ air-air missiles, the air defense system project and many other projects.

You may watch the videos on some of the studies and projects conducted by these companies, below.

The investments and grants by the PDI show a potential increase in the number of these projects in the coming years. In addition, the civil aviation sector is rapidly growing, in line with the projections of the TÜBİTAK VİZYON 2023 Technological Projections Project. While the developments increase employment opportunities in  the industries of aerospace and defense, a need arises for willing, curious, competent, and knowledgeable engineers.

Why Choose Atılım?

We are located in Ankara where much of the work related to the aerospace studies takes place, therefore many companies in the industry are accessible for common projects and long-term opportunities for internship studies. Our academic staff involves faculty members who are experienced in teaching aerospace engineering, as well as experts in the field after having worked in many projects in the defense industry, in addition to offering consulting. Backed with our state-of-the-art laboratories, our curriculum is to offer students a chance to acquire the skills and know-hows to advance Turkey in the sector. Our focus is to have students experience the process of R&D, from the designing stage to prototype manufacturing. Course content devised to match the current needs of the sector shall make it possible for our students to find employment in their fields of competence and interest.