Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Nafiz ALEMDAROĞLU

To invent an airplane is nothing.

To build one is something.

But to fly is everything.

                             Otto Lillienthal


Aerospace is one of the fastest developing fields of technologies in Turkey, and in the world. The 120 years after the first motorized flight of Wright Brothers in 1903 saw our shift to supersonic, and even hypersonic, flight, with space expeditions becoming a routine, mankind walking on the Moon, sending shuttles to Mars, starting a space station, and even performing charter flights to it. What is to come in the next 100 years is better left to your imagination.

We, too, would like to join the hectic race for technology as the Atılım University Department of Aerospace Engineering. Therefore, by founding our Department of Aerospace Engineering in addition to our Graduate School of Civil Aviation, we would like to give the Aviation education that we offer a new perspective.

Our aim is to present participants with an extraordinary level of Education in Aerospace Engineering.

We aim our students to better familiarize themselves to our aircraft in our hangar at Esenboğa Airport through our hands-on approach in education. 

We strive to foster a simultaneous improvement of the two fields of science by focusing on both “Aircraft Engineering” and “Aerospace Engineering”. With the focus of our final year courses placed on design, we allow for our students to create their own design projects in the fields of both aircraft and space.

We constantly review and update our curriculum, so as to reflect industry demands, and the hasty developments in technology. We use our own aircraft for training purposes, in order to enhance learning through practice, rather than providing our students with only theoretical information.

In addition, we pay great importance to the industries of Aerospace, and Defense.  We also implement “Collaborative Education” projects to give our students the opportunity to perform their long-term internship studies in the industry, in order to gain experience at aerospace companies before their graduation.

You are invited to our ATILIM UNIVERSITY Department of Aerospace Engineering, founded with a new approach.

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Nafiz Alemdaroğlu