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The “Share the Success” Program enables successful students to use their achievements by working in an academic or administrative unit within the university. Students taking part in the Program assist the academic staff in the academic units, train their peers, serve as a model for other students and work in various projects in administrative units. Special attention is paid to organizing such activities in a way that students would not miss out on any courses. Any undergraduate student with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 or graduate students with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 may participate in the program on a volunteer basis.

At the end of the academic term, students having successfully completed the program by working at least 40 hours are awarded the Atilim University “Share the Success” Program Certificate.

More useful information appears as follows:

1. General Principles: The students accepted to the Program work under the supervision of the unit, which directs them, regulates their working hours and evaluates their performance to ensure that the duties and responsibilities assigned to each individual contribute to their development. 

2. Applications: Students apply in person to Directorate of Distance Education upon the approval of the academic or administrative staff in the related unit.
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3. Evaluation Forms: Related units complete an evaluation form for each student at the end of the academic year. click here to download form.

* For more information, contact the Directorate of Distance Education.