The Department Of Basic English, 07.09.2023 Apex Results

Dear Students,

1. Please follow the "Announcements" section of our department website. We will have important announcements in the coming days.In order to reach our announcements more easily and not to miss our announcements, please download the Blink application from the link below and indicate that you would like to receive the Department of Basic English announcements.

2. For our students who were not successful in the APEX exam, the "Digital Teaching Set" containing the book sets and mPad8 for their levels can be bought from the link below.

3. Please, click on the link below for your 07.09.2023 Apex result.

Newly registered students are required to enter their usernames and passwords up to the @ sign of their Atılım University e-mail addresses given during registration in order to log into the system on the link below.

4. Please, send your objections using the "Objections Form" in the link below.

The Department of Basic English