About Preparatory School Courses in Fall Semester

Dear Students,

Our courses, at the Department of Basic English (Preparatory School), during 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall semester will be given face to face for two days and online for three days as explained by our Rectorate. Attending to face-to-face lessons is compulsory. In addition, the rule of repeating the level due to absenteeism will not be applied in this semester.

However, our quizzes that make up 20%, writing quizzes that make up 10% and midterm exams that make up 40% of the End of Term Grade calculated at the end of each term out of 100 points, will be held on the days we will teach face to face.

In addition, there will be no camera recording of our face-to-face lessons.

For this reason, it is of great importance to attend our face-to-face lessons for our students.

Department of Basic English