About the Change in General Achievement Scores, Department of Basic English

Dear Students,

We had a problem this term while announcing your general achivement scores to you in Moodle Gradebook. We are very sorry about this.

While announcing your general achievement scores each semester, we were making the scores visible to you after including all your grades into the scoring. Because when Moodle calculates your final scores, it converts the total score of the grades included in the calculation into 100. If there is 20-point that is not included in the grades, Moodle converts the grade you get over 80 points to 100 points. Since you have many grades on Moodle, we noticed that some of your grades were not included in the calculation by mistake after we announced the grades of this term to you, and we added your missing grades into your final grades. Therefore, after these grades are included in your achievement score, your scores have increased or decreased depending on the weight of the newly added grades and your success in those grades. Your currently announced grades are your final grades.  

Important Notice : Your petitions asking the reasons for the changes in your grades will not be answered separately.

You can calculate your grades yourself using the formulas below.

A, B, C, D Level: (Midterm 1 * 0,2) + (Midterm 2 * 0,2) + (Quiz average * 0,2) + (Writing Quiz Average * 0,1) + Your Portfolio Grade + OHW + (Attendance Bonus * 0.05)

Prefac Level: (Story Writing * 0,2) + (Language Arts * 0,2) +  (Readsten & React * 0,2) + (Presentation Skills * 0,2) + ( APEX * 0.2)

We wish you all success in the second quarter.