In Design Turkey 2017, project “Deniz” of Lec. Dr. Bülent Ünal was granted silver award in Sports, Hobby, Game, Children Products and Fashion Accessories category and Research Assistant Abdülkadir Uruç won Conceptional Design award in Medical Devices category thanks to his “Vitalk” project.

Lec. Dr. Bülent Ünal was honored by the silver award thanks to his outdoor bench design SITy in Street Furniture Design Category and A’Design award thanks to his door handle design Kulp in Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design category and his bluetooth loudspeaker design Remora brought him honorable mention in Digital and Electronic Devices Design category.

In the same competition, Res. Asst. Abdülkadir Uruç received A’Design award in ‘Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design’ thanks to his assistant device design Vitalk

After these honors and awards, the Department of Industrial Design has become holder of 11 awards in one year.