It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure safe campus environment, along with security personnel.

The Directorate of Security aims to offer you 24/7 safe and sound life at the campus.

There are several small tips from which you may benefit. We have prepared an information booklet for you to stay safe, and to facilitate your life at the campus and outside.

Please regard this booklet as a guide against any and all challenges that you may encounter at the campus, and outside.

Learning, and putting these tips into practice will help you facilitate your university life.

We wish you all the best in your studies.

Directorate of Security

Phone: 0530 781 11 41

(312) 586 89 99

(312) 586 89 98



The personnel at the Directorate of Security of Atılım University, operating in accordance with the stipulations of Private Security Law No. 5188, are on duty 24/7 to provide a safe campus environment for your security and protection throughout your stay at the University. To help us ensure that we provide quality service at the campus, please follow the warnings by the security personnel, and consider the issues below.

Entering the Campus:

• All academic and administrative personnel, and students entering our campus area are required to do so through the turnstiles to scan their ID cards at the gates. They are required to show their ID cards when asked.

• Visitors of students are to be allowed into the campus only after the receiving student refers to the main entrance and have their visitor registered, and a visitor card has been issued. The receiving student is responsible for their visitor.

• If you are using our shuttles, you are required to present your ID cards to our drivers before your visit.

• No cars or walk-ins are allowed after 00:00.

  • When praying inside the campus, please use the Praying Rooms at Floor 4, Block A at the School of Engineering, and at Kadriye Zaim Library.

• The academic and administrative personnel, and students carrying firearms as per Law on Firearms No. 6136; as well as authorized personnel not officially on duty are required to leave their firearms and ammunition at the Safe for Firearms at the main entrance, and sign the Lending Book, before entering the campus.

Entering the Campus by Car:

The persons entering the campus by car are subjected to ID and vehicle identification sticker checks at several checkpoints around the campus. Students are allowed into the campus only when their vehicle identification stickers are present, and they have no passengers. However, in cases where passengers are present, they are required to go through an ID check. Also, please note that vehicles without vehicle identification stickers, or those banned from the campus, will not be allowed into the campus. If this is the case, you may park your vehicle at the available spots near the main entrance.

Within the scope of the general security measures; vehicles may be inspected at main entrances and exits, as required by the university administration.

Proper Campus Driving Behavior:

Please refrain from listening to music at high volumes inside your vehicle, and never drive in a reckless or disrespectful manner inside the campus. Remember that doing so creates noise pollution, which may disturb your friends in classrooms. Physical violence, verbal bullying, threats, offensive language, assault attempts are among the cases that call for a disciplinary investigation. All publications and announcements to be distributed and posted on notice boards are to be approved beforehand by the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs.

Tips on Recognizing and Dealing with Suspicious People and Vehicles:

Your contribution is vital in keeping the campus safe.

Below are the points to consider regarding Safe Campus practices.

If you have picked up a hitchhiker before arriving to the campus, please stop at the main entrance to allow for checks by our security personnel, and inform our personnel accordingly.

Do not bring hitchhikers into the campus, as some of these individuals may be in it to take advantage of you as thieves, or worse.

Individuals who look out-of-place with the way they are dressed, their behaviors, or demeanor; and who seem to be a tad more attentive than usual are deemed suspicious. These individuals have a tendency to stay away from security personnel. If you notice someone behaving as such, or in ways that you deem suspicious yourself, please call us at 0530 781 11 41/ 0312 586 89 99, or inform our security personnel at the campus, accordingly.



Atılım University security personnel patrol the buildings, the facilities, and the campus premises 24/7, and respond to alarm calls. They do so on foot, or by bike.

Lost and Found:

Cell phones, keys, wallets, clothing items, and electronics found inside the campus are items deemed to have been lost, and found.

If you have lost an item at Atılım University, please refer to the security office for the building where you have lost the item. If your item is not there, please refer to the Directorate of Security at Room Z-05 at the Ground Floor of the Presidency building

(Phone: 586 87 56).

Items registered as lost and found are kept for 2 years as per Atılım University Regulations on Lost and Found Items, to be donated to charity afterwards.


Atılım University is under camera surveillance. To view CCTV recordings, please refer to the Presidency with an official letter. Should your request be accepted; you may view CCTV recordings everyday between 15:00 - 16:00. Recordings are kept for 7 days.

Personal Safety:

You are safe at the campus. Feel free to make eye-contact with the individuals at the campus. Remember to inform the security regarding suspicious individuals (Call us at 0530 781 11 41/ 0312 586 89 99).

Cases Requiring Disciplinary Investigation:

• Driving under the influence,

• Driving without a license,

• Reckless and dangerous driving, speeding, racing

• Failure to follow the warnings by security personnel, engaging, or attempting to engage, in verbal or physical violence against the academic/ administrative personnel issuing warnings,

• Harassing pedestrians or drivers while driving,

• Mismatches among vehicle identification stickers and drivers,

• Attempts to enter the campus in vehicles banned from the campus, and to force security personnel accordingly,

• Carrying firearms, blank cartridges, ammunitions etc. in vehicles, and bringing them into the campus.

• Carrying knives, wedges, switchblades etc. in vehicles and bringing them into the campus.

• Carrying drugs and alcoholic beverages in vehicles and bringing them into the campus.

Safety Rules in terms of Wild and Stray Animals:

Do not bring pets into the campus, as doing so may harm your pet.

Do not touch stray animals in case they are not vaccinated. If you come into contact with an animal (bites, cuts etc.), please refer to our Healthcare Center, to fend off the suspicion for rabies.

Smoking Ban on Campus:

Please do not smoke inside buildings, or at the areas deemed smoke-free by law, while inside the campus. Doing so is a case that calls for disciplinary investigation; subject to an official fine.

Safety in Vehicles:

When driving at the city center, please keep all vehicle doors locked. Keep your windows as high as possible. Remember to lock your doors when you leave your vehicle. Please do not leave your keys on your vehicle. If you detect anything suspicious while driving, please call the police at 112 to report accordingly.

Actions to Take Under Threat:

Do not believe in callers introducing themselves as police officers, or prosecutors; making certain requests. Please contact the police at 112 in such cases.

For other threats/ negative verbal or physical actions that you encounter inside the campus by other people, please contact us at 0530 781 11 41/ 0312 586 89 99.


Do not panic. Keep yourself safe before anything else. Then, call us at 0530 781 11 41/ 0312 586 89 99. If the fire is only starting to burn, and you are trained accordingly, you may use the nearest fire extinguisher against the fire.

However, if the fire has grown, please leave the area, and aid the officials that arrive.

Traffic at Atılım:

As for traffic, Atılım University adopts the key principle of respect. Pedestrians always have the priority inside the Atılım University campus. Drivers are required to fully stop and let pedestrians cross the road at pedestrian crossings.

Vehicle Identification Stickers:

As per a Traffic Board resolution, and in order to regulate the traffic and minimize the occurrence of car accidents within the campus, as well as to avoid any parking problems, the number of vehicles to be allowed into the campus is kept to match the number of available parking spaces.

Vehicle Identification Stickers may be requested via the ATACS system.

The prices for vehicle identification stamps are determined at the start of each academic year by the Traffic Board, and announced on the Atılım University official web page.

Safe Traffic:

The traffic at the campus is regulated as per Atılım University Regulations on Traffic.

The rules below apply to all drivers at the campus:

Pedestrians always have the priority everywhere at the Atılım University campus. Drivers are required to follow the traffic signs and markings, and the instructions by our security personnel.

The overall speed limit at the campus is 20-30 km/ h, as presented on traffic signs.

Honking, convoying, and reckless driving are not allowed inside the campus. All motorcyclists are required to wear protective helmets.

In case of accidents:

Please stop your car properly and take all necessary safety precautions. Place reflectors behind and in front of your vehicle. Then, report the accident to the Security Office (Call us at 0530 781 11 41/ 0312 586 89 99).


While our campus is safe, there are many units and areas accessible to anyone and everyone.

Therefore, it would be wise to keep your personal belongings safe yourself.

Thus, we advise our students to stay vigilant regarding the following points to consider.

At the Gym:

• Keep your locker locked at all times.

• Do not bring valuable items with you to the gym area.

• Please report any suspicious individuals or groups to us at 0530 781 11 41/ 0312 586 89 99.

At Schools, Classrooms, or the Library:

• Do not leave your valuable items, bags, or phones behind you on desks or tables.

• If you must, please give your personal items to your friends, or request the assistance of our security personnel.

•  Please report suspicious, or unfamiliar individuals to Security.

At Home:

• If the houses you wish to rent are on the first or second floor, please choose the option with durable balcony doors and windows, and if possible, those with iron fences.

• Always remember to change the locks of your newly-rented house.

• When tagging your door, please use the initials of your first name, and your last name in full.

• Keep in mind that thieves usually prefer to hit houses with a full mailbox.

• Please leave a lamp, the TV, or the radio on when you leave the house for a short time.


At Dormitories:

Preventive Measures:

• Do not keep electrical heaters or flammable materials in your room.

• Make sure to unplug everything before leaving the room or going to sleep.

• Do not keep any electrical devices that are banned at your dormitory.

• Do not leave items such as candlesticks or candles alight when leaving the room or going to sleep.

• Please contact the Security Personnel as soon as you smell smoke or fire.

• Please stay informed regarding the locations of all emergency exits in your building.

• Please stay informed regarding the location of the designated meeting point outside your building.

• Please learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

Actions to Take in the Event of Fire:

• Do not panic. Stay calm.

• Shout “Fire!”, and hit the fire alarm, as soon as you see a fire.

• Announce the fire to the dorm officials and to other people staying at the dorm.

• If the fire is only starting to burn, and if you are trained in using fire extinguishers, aid in the efforts to put out the fire.

• If the fire has grown, please leave the area urgently, and go to the meeting point.

• Do not leave the meeting point until the building is cleared for entrance.

At Home:

Preventive Measures:

• If possible, have a smoke detector installed.

• Please learn where the emergency exits are located inside your building.

• If you smoke, make sure to completely extinguish your cigarette before throwing it away, or going to sleep.

• Do not leave food cooking on the stove unattended.

• Keep heaters away from household items and fabrics.

• Use caution when operating electrical appliances.

• Learn where your main electrical switch and your natural gas switch are located at your house.

Actions to Take in the Event of Fire:

• Do not panic. Stay calm, and call the fire brigade at 112.

• Prioritize the evacuation of children, the elderly and people with disabilities to a safe area.

• Ask your neighbors for assistance.

• Do not open the windows.

• Turn off the gas and electricity to your house.

• Use fire extinguishers or fire hoses, if available.

• Leave the building as soon as you feel helpless against the fire.

• If there are burns on your body, only use cold water, and go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

• Provide the fire brigade with correct, short and clear answers to their questions.


The points to consider during and after earthquakes have vital impact. Keeping the points below in mind, and sharing them with your friends and family may benefit everyone.

What do I do in case of an earthquake?

1. Do not panic.

2. If you are inside;

- Assume the fetal position next to your bed.

- Protect your head with something.

- Do not go downstairs or lower floors.

3. If you are outside; stay clear from buildings, trees, or electrical poles.

4. If possible, do not drive. If you must, please do not use over- and underpasses, stay in open areas, and do not leave your vehicle.

What are the most important actions to take right after an earthquake?

1. Check yourself, and the people around you, for injuries. If you know how to perform first-aid, please do so if needed.

2. Check your surroundings for safety. Turn off the gas, the water, and all electronics.

3. Turn on your radio, or TV. Follow the warnings and instructions by officials closely.

4. Use your phone only in emergency situations.

Emergency Aid at Atılım:

Our University has a healthcare center operating within working hours at the campus.

 In cases of emergency, ambulances may also be provided.

Phone: 0312 586 83 89

0312 586 81 12 FOR EMERGENCIES

Cases to Request an Ambulance:

1. Chest pain

2. Severe shortness of breath

3. Traffic accidents with all kinds of injuries

4. Falling from high places

5. Severe bleeding

6. Drowning

7. Poisoning

8. Fire

9. Fainting

10. Serious illnesses

11. Frostbite or hypothermia

12. Heat stroke

13. Severe burns

14. Breathing problems

15. Loss of consciousness

16. Eye injuries

17. Traumas

While calling an ambulance in emergencies;

1. Always remember that your personal safety is of utmost importance.

2. Make sure that the area is safe.

3. Unless there is an urgent danger; DO NOT MOVE the persons who are injured/ sick. If you are the injured/ sick person, do not move.

4. Call the number 0312 586 83 89.

5. Stay calm and state yourself clearly.

6. Introduce yourself.

7. State the condition of the persons injured or sick, without any personal comments.

8. Describe your location clearly.

9. Do not hang up. Wait for the other party to end the call. Do not keep the line busy, in case the official has to call you again until help arrives.

10. Our healthcare team will be with you as soon as possible.



Atılım Security: 0530 781 11 41 / 586 89 99 / 586 89 98

Important Phone Numbers

Lost and Found: 586 87 56

Police - Fire Brigade - Ambulance: 112

Gas Leaks: 187