Assoc. Prof. Dr. Handan BOZTEPE

Nursing means providing necessary medical assistance to meet health needs of individuals and focuses on human life, quality of individual, family and community life.

The Department of Nursing aims to train well-equipped and leader nurses with its quality academic staff, English medium program as a first in Turkey, classrooms equipped with audio-visual materials, high-tech simulation laboratories and evidence-based theoretical and practical training.

Students have opportunity to prepare themselves for the future thanks to University’s research centers, modern laboratories and libraries, research support programs and international student exchange programs. The University attaches important to social development of students as well as their professional progress. In this respect, social responsibility projects, artistic, cultural and sports activities enrich their educational life.

Students who complete 4-year undergraduate program after 1-year English preparatory education graduate with a bachelor’s degree. With strong professional knowledge and English proficiency, our graduates can work in family and community health centers, public and private healthcare providers, medicine industry, factories, educational institutions, R&D departments, quality and accreditation organizations, occupational health and safety departments, nursing homes, home care centers, outpatient clinics, oral and dental health centers, fitness and rehabilitation centers. Additionally, they may specialize by receiving graduate education in the fields of their interest and serve as academicians at universities.

Dear students, during your four-year education in nursing one of the 7 professions that have free movement and working opportunity in Europe, you will be trained as modern and well-equipped individuals who respect human rights, solve problems within the frame of cause and effect relation, search, question, stick to ethical values, science and reason.

I totally believe that you will always adopt such responsibility and awareness and contribute to progress of the profession.