Who is a Nurse?

Nursing is a profession comprising of arts and science, one that strives to protect the health of individuals, families, and the society. Nurses consider individuals as a whole, in the physical, spiritual and social sense, while providing health care services, in addition to contributing to guide health policies and health care services.

  • Nurses have the opportunity to find employment in many fields in Turkey, or abroad.
  • Nursing is one of the 7 professions to hold free roaming and employment rights in Europe.
  • Nursing has been selected the most reliable profession in a study conducted in the US.
  • The World Health Organization has labeled 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse”.

Why be a nurse?

Because Nurses

Touch Life.

Nurses touch lives to protect and improve our health, to provide care to those who have lost their wellbeing, and improve our quality of life, leaving an imprint in our lives.

Protect Ethics and Moral Values.

Everyone is equal in terms of the right for health.  Nurses are the defenders of the rights of healthy, or diseased individuals, operating under ethical and moral values.

Provide Training and Counseling.

Nurses may provide training or counseling to individuals, families, societies and their own colleagues, to protect their health, and to give them correct health care habits, therefore, making a difference to our lives.

Research and Innovate.

Nurses may conduct scientific studies on health problems of individuals, and devise evidence-based nursing care practices. They may drive innovations in terms of health education and care practices in the light of technological and scientific developments. They may create new projects, and develop new solutions and products, in the collaboration among the academia, the sector, and the areas of practice.

They are entrepreneurs and leaders.

Nurses constitute a guiding force in protecting and improving the wellbeing of the society with their skills in entrepreneurship and leadership, in every area where health care is offered, education is provided and relevant policies are made.

What makes the Atılım University Department of Nursing Unique?

The One and Only University to Offer Education Fully in English

The Atılım University Graduate School of Health Sciences Department of Nursing is the one and only Ankara university to offer a program that is completely in English. Nursing as a profession continues to improve in the light of evidence-based, updated information. English is the language most commonly used in scientific studies in nursing as a profession, as is the case with most scientific publications. Therefore, having a program in English is important for our students and graduates to follow scientific developments. In addition, thanks to a program in English, our graduates are able to push the limits of the cultural, individual, and professional relations with their colleagues from abroad in their quest to become leading nurses who are able to forge and manage international collaborations.

A Quality Academic Staff

The Atılım University Graduate School of Health Sciences Department of Nursing offers a quality academic staff, members of whom are nationally and internationally acclaimed, are distinguished in their fields, and are making a difference with their research.

State-of-the-art Classrooms and Laboratories

The Atılım University Graduate School of Health Sciences Department of Nursing offers a theoretical and practical education with an updated curriculum that was prepared in line with the Core Curriculum Program in Nursing by the Council of Higher Education.

For theoretical and practical courses, our department offers:

  • Theaters and classrooms,
  • A Multidisciplinary Simulation Laboratory,
  • An Anatomy Laboratory that allows practice sessions with cadavers,
  • Multidisciplinary Physiology-Microbiology-Histology and Pathology Laboratories,
  • A Computer Laboratory,
  • and a Simulated Patient Laboratory, all of which furnished with state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Our students perform practices and gain experience in our simulation laboratories to develop their psycho-motor skills, which allows them to learn from their mistakes and become more competent. This provides them with the means to exhibit strong communication skills, self-confidence, a desirable skill set and a high level of success in clinical practices, while working with healthy, or diseased individuals.

Internship, Free of Charge

Our nursing program comes with a set of mandatory internship studies and summer practice. Our students have the opportunity to perform internship studies and attend summer practice free of charge at our affiliate Medicana International Ankara Hospital, and experience a modern, advanced hospital atmosphere. Our students may also choose to perform their studies and attend practice at places such as other private or public hospitals, community or family health centers, schools, retirement homes, as well as Cancer Early Detection, Screening and Training Centers.

Contributions to Scientific and Personal Development, and Opportunities

  • Students of our Nursing program have the opportunity to attend national or international congresses, conferences and seminars, as a means to follow scientific developments, and network with esteemed professionals. 
  • Our students may choose from a wide array of electives to add to their personal and professional development from our own department, or from the other departments at our university.
  • Our students may also participate in research projects backed by the university, or national or international institutions, in order to cultivate a researching culture, to take part in multidisciplinary team studies, and to build on their researching skills and creativity.

International Collaborations and Contracts

Our Department of Nursing is in collaboration with an array of universities in many countries, such as the US, Italy, Spain, and Czech Republic.

This allows our students

  • To seize the opportunity to gain experience and improve, culturally and professionally, through training in different countries.
  • To network with students and academicians from all over the world.
  • To take part in international projects and collaborations.

A Chance to Get a Scholarship of At Least 50%, and Success Scholarships

Our Department comes with Scholarship options of 100%, 75%, and 50%. In addition, they may also be awarded a scholarship for their academic success throughout their education.

Social Facilities

Atılım University offers a pleasant campus life with its open yards, social clubs, student communities, advanced library, and laboratories. To learn more about the physical and social facilities at Atılım University, visit our website at https://www.atilim.edu.tr/tr/kampus.

In addition, our students have the chance to:

  • Work in one of the top three libraries in Turkey, and access the most recent books, databases, or publications on nursing,
  • Forge multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary connections with various faculties and departments by joining 67 different clubs and communities at our University,
  • Gain new social and cultural experiences and skills by participating in sports, music, and travel communities.


Post-Graduate (Graduate and Doctorate Degree) Education

Our graduates may apply to graduate or doctorate degree programs in nursing at universities in turkey or abroad on the basis of meeting the prerequisites for their university of choice.

Employment Opportunities after Graduation

Nursing is among the professions requiring the highest amount of human labor, in turkey, or worldwide.  Our graduates may find employment in areas listed below:

  • Family and community health centers,
  • Public and private health care providers,
  • Nursing homes, residential care services, healthy living and rehabilitation centers,
  • The pharmaceutical sector, factories, schools, R&D, QA and accreditation institutions,
  • Occupational health and safety departments,
  • Forensic medicine institutions and prisons,
  • Airline institutions and organizations (as flight nurses).

Nurses may also serve as academicians in one of the 129 universities in Turkey with departments of nursing, once they complete their graduate degree education.