The press release by the Higher Education Board on February 11, 2023

Dear students,
The press release made by the Higher Education Board on February 11, 2023 is as follows.
“Due to the impacts of the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake disaster across the country, the Higher Education Board resolved that the spring term of the 2022-2023 academic year will be conducted as distance teaching. Details on distance teaching, measures to be taken in this context, health programs such as medicine and dentistry, internship and workplace training and similar issues will be considered separately and announced in the coming days.”
Upon the release, our attempts to continue education at our university as face-to-face or hybrid are continued. When the detailed information as indicated in the press release of the Higher Education Board is released, we will inform you about the form of the education in the spring term of 2022-2023.
For your information.