2017-2018 Spring Semester are Now Available

Dear Students,

This is to inform you that the online Course and Instructor Evaluation survey forms for spring 2017-2018 spring semester are now available for you to fill out on the academic and administrative system ATACS (pls. see http://atacs.atilim.edu.tr/Login/).

When you enter ATACS to fill out the surveys, you may choose "My Evaluation and Survey Process" menu on the left side of the page and then choose the "My Evaluation Forms" sub-menu to enter the  survey site. When you choose "The Evaluation Form" menu on the survey page, the list of courses that you take this semester will appear.  From those you may start filling out the survey for each course.

Those of you who will not fill out the surveys till May 29, 2018, will not be able to learn their course letter grades on time until they complete filling.

Your fair and objective evaluations and constructive criticisms will help enhance the level of teaching and learning at Atilim University, which will eventually add value to your diploma.

Wishing you success in your final exams.