Spring 2019-2020 - Additional Exam Applications

Applications for additional exams for Spring 2019-2020 are to be received via the online form to be published on this website following the announcement of student letter grades on the ATACS.

Please complete the application form in full. Forms with missing information will not be taken into account.  The information provided on the forms are to be assessed by the Directorate of Student Affairs as per the provisions of Article 26 on Time Extensions and Additional Exam Rights of Atılım University Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Education and Exam Regulations. The positive or negative result of your application will be e-mailed to you, via the e-mail address that you provide on your application form.

Students are required to pay the exam fee to be able to take the exam held by the relevant School/ Graduate School.

The information on the eligibility of students fitting the provisions of the relevant Legislation and having paid the exam fee to take the exam is to be shared with the relevant School/ Graduate School.

Please note: The deadline for additional exam applications for the students of the School of Law is July 8th, 2020, until midday (12:00). Applications made after the deadline are to be rejected by the Faculty. Students are required to pay their exam fees before the deadline.


  • Additional Exams (Distant examination): July 8th - 10th, 2020
  • The Application Form shall become available after (23:59), June 6th 2020, on the Directorate of Student Affairs website.
  • Exam Fee: 727 TL for 1 course in undergraduate programs and 640 TL for 1 course in associate degree programs, excluding the students covered by the Decree Law.

* Click here to view the Single Course Exam (Additional Exam) Announcement for the School of Law.