About our final exams - 07 01 2021

Dear Students,

The final exams start on Monday, January 11. Unlike our regular two-week final period, this semester, our final period is to last three weeks, due to the current special conditions. You may find the exam dates on our official webpage.

With the changes in our academic calendar, our make-up exams are now to begin on February 8. Students unable to attend their mid-term and/or final exams due to being deemed RISKY may attend the make-up exams. Such students must apply to the Office of Dean of the relevant School, or the Head of the relevant Department, to take part in these make-up exams.

Final exams are planned to be sat with maximum 20% classroom capacity. Our final schedule leaves enough time for ventilation and cleaning procedures in between the exams sat in each classroom.

Your HES codes will be scanned at the campus entrances throughout the final period. Individuals with HES codes tagged RISKY will not be admitted into the campus. Since we expect some density at campus entrances, we advise you to arrive reasonably earlier.

For the last few days, we have detected one or two students tagged RISKY (Covid+ or in close contact) in our HES Code inquiries from the Ministry of Health database, on a daily basis. These numbers reflect the significant positive outcomes of the country-wide measures. We believe that our final exam period will see no issues as has been the case for our mid-term period, as long as you adhere to the measures taken by our University, keep your masks on at all times, and, most importantly, maintain your social distance.

We thank you for your attention, and wish you success in your exams.

Atılım University Presidency