Announcement on 2020-2021 Spring Semester

Dear Students,

The Board of Higher Education letter dated 17.02.2021 and destined to all universities determines certain principles regarding the manner in which education is to progress at universities in Spring 2020-2021. Within this framework, our University has planned for Spring 2020-2021 as follows:


  1. The Spring semester begins on February 22, 2021. Education is to progress in a hybrid manner, alternating between formal and online sessions.
  2. Students of the Department of Basic English (Preparatory English) are to attend formal courses at the university twice a week. On other days, courses are to progress online. Level failure due to non-attendance is not to be the case for the semester in question.
  3. Certain graduate and undergraduate program courses are to progress online in full. Other courses at these levels are mostly to progress in alternation between formal and online courses, or fully in a formal manner.
  4. Information on the manner of progression regarding our courses is available on our web page.
  5. The formal sessions of our hybrid courses are to take place in weekly rotation at our university. This rotation shall be based on the last digit of your student number. In this regard, students are to attend courses at the university in weekly rotation, based on whether their student number ends with an odd, or an even number. Those with student numbers ending in odd numbers will be the first group to take their formal courses at the university, and on the first week.
  6. Hybrid courses shall be recorded as was the case during the Fall semester. The links to the recorded courses are to be shared by the relevant instructors via Moodle, after courses. The video recordings of our hybrid courses shall remain accessible to our students on the Zoom platform.
  7. A significant portion of our laboratory and practice sessions are to take place formally at the university. The relevant Schools/ Departments are to plan accordingly, and make the relevant announcements on their web page. Attendance shall be mandatory.
  8. The midterm and final exams of all courses are to take place formally, at the university.
  9. For formal, hybrid, and online courses, instructors are to track course attendance. In addition, should they choose to do so, instructors may choose to take course attendance into consideration, and add points to students accordingly, while finalizing their assessments for the semester.
  10. Students who have chronic diseases and are able to document their condition with a report obtained through the E-Nabız platform may be exempted from practice sessions and attend formal exams online, if they apply to their Head of Department Major/ Dean of School.
  11. Graduate Schools are to make separate announcements on graduate degree programs.

Campus Life and Classrooms

  1. All classrooms, laboratories, studios, public spaces are disinfected regularly.
  2. HES code inquiries are to be made at campus entrances.
  3. All our students and members are to use masks in all open or closed spaces.
  4. All our students and members are to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 – 2 meters among one another in all open or closed spaces.
  5. Hand disinfectant terminals are to be available at each school building. Everyone shall be required to use them before entering a classroom.
  6. The necessary adjustments for cafeterias are underway as per the relevant regulations.
  7. School buses are to be disinfected regularly. Currently, the ventilation systems of our buses are maintained to pump 100% fresh air into the vehicles. The maximum seating capacity shall not be exceeded. Masks are a requirement inside school buses. We expect our students to use the same seat each time.
  8. Students exhibiting a fever, a cough, a runny nose, respiratory issues, or diarrhea must not come to the campus, but are required to refer to a healthcare center, and inform the relevant Head of Department instead.
  9. Students who have entered into close contact or contact with Covid-19 with potential Covid-19 suspects or Covid+ cases among their families or friends must not come to the campus upon learning about a such suspicion or a potential/ certain diagnosis.

The Board of Higher Education may amend their resolution or plans where needed.

We value the health of our students. Our efforts to provide the best conditions for you to continue your education shall continue.

We wish you a healthy, and successful semester.