Cardboard Bicycle Project to be Launched

Students of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering Yekta Ozden Celebi, Burak Bagcı, Kaan Inam, Ozgun Ogretment and Safak Ozden developed “Cardboard Bicycle Project” and attained great success under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Cemal Merih Sengonul, Instructor at the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Assoc. Prof. Tolga Akis, Instructor at the Department of Civil Engineering.

One of the undergraduate research programs organized by ARGEDA-TTO every year regularly, “Cardboard Bicycle Project” participated in TechAnkara Project Market Contest organized by Ankara Development Agency. The project managed to rank in the top 101 among 579 projects after being evaluated by 30 independent jury members by means of 4-stage elimination including innovation, commercialization potential, market potential and social and environmental benefit. Project team became entitled to take part in investor company presentations organized for the top 20 projects after the eliminations which continued all day long at Congresium on Friday, 19 December 2016. One-to-one consultancy and investment opportunities for expert and prestigious companies and investors, entrepreneurs intending to grow and be incorporated were the main focus of the presentations. As a result of the negotiations, “Cardboard Bicycle Project” was found suitable to be invested by two leading and large companies. Incorporation and investment negotiations have started.

Project team presented the product in the Undergraduate Research Projects Exhibition organized by ARGEDA-TTO at the Faculty of Law, 17th International Machine Design and Manufacturing Congress and last of all in Ankara Marka Festivali organized at ATO Congresium on 14-15-16th December. “Cardboard Bicycle Project” drew considerable attention in these organizations and received positive feedbacks.