Construction Works of our New Preparatory School Building Continues

Construction works of our new preparatory school building continue. The Preparatory School Building is planned to be launched in 2017-2018 academic year.

As it is anticipated that moving Preparatory School to the center of the University will create traffic density in the center of campus area, our University in planning to construct the second main entrance included in the master plan, complete new road connections and launch a new parking lot to create a solution. The building embodies 80-vehicle parking garage for the academic members of our University.

Having been acting as one of the TOELF IBT Test Centers in Ankara since July 2010, Preparatory School of our University will have a TOEFL test center which can be utilized independently from the building with the capacity of 127 people.

Thanks to outdoor terraces, students do not have to go out of and in the building in every break, and thus vertical circulation will be reduced. Radiant heating system is considered to be installed for the constant use of the terraces both in summer and winter. Within the scope of accessibility works, necessary measures are being taken by taking current standards into consideration for all handicapped users. Mechanical ventilation system will be used in the classrooms while the offices, meeting halls, self-accesses, cafe and TOEFL halls will be equipped with air-conditioning system. Fixed menu and a la cart catering service will be provided for 450 people on the garden floor of the building. The capacity of the building will be enlarged after completion of the open areas in the spring.

The new Preparatory School Building is being constructed on 19.400 m2 area including plant rooms. The building consists of 66 classrooms including 47 classrooms for 20 students, 1 classroom for 25 students, 8 classrooms for 30 students, 5 reserve classrooms for 20 students, 2 classrooms for 100 students, 2 classrooms for 50 students, 1 classroom for 35 students, 1 meeting room for 133 people, 2 self-access rooms for 22 people, 4 meeting rooms for 24 people, 20 office rooms for 4 people, 12 double office rooms, 8 office rooms for 6 people, 12 single office rooms and 32 administrative office rooms.