Faculty of Health Sciences Has Been Launched...


Pursuant to the resolution taken by the Council of Ministers in accordance with the Additional Clause 30 of the Law no 2809 on 06.02.2017, it has been decided to establish the Faculty of Health Sciences at our University.

The 6th Faculty of our University, Faculty of Health Sciences covers “Nutrition and Dietetics”, “Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation”, “Child Development” and “Nursing” programs.

The Departments of Nutrition and Dietetics and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation will admit students in MF-3 (Math/Science-3) score type in 2017-  2018 Academic Year.

As our University has an objective to train individuals who are questioner, socially responsible, open to innovations, learning and researching, and well-equipped in their fields by providing a well-founded education at international and contemporary level with experienced and competent academic staff, our University has taken an considerable step to raise professionals for health sector.