Korean Ambassador’s Exceptional Speech at Atılım University was the Center of Attention

Korean Ambassador to Ankara Cho Yunsoo was the guest of Atılım University’s Diplomacy O’clock conference series, which host diplomats, foreign dignitaries and visiting politicians for facilitating an athmosphere of exchange of ideas between them and our students, academics and their Turkish counterparts. Ambassador Cho Yunsoo’s speech, which attracted a large audience of students and academic staff on April 18th, 2017, lasted more than an hour and a half.  Outlining the dazzling Korean economic growth over the last six decades, Cho Yunhoo touched upon historical ties between Turkey and Korea by emphasizing Turkey’s contribution to the Korean War. Having explained Korean perspectives upon current developments in the Far East, Ambassador Cho Yunhoo came together with students and academics of Atılım University over lunch following the conference.