Department of Nursing to admit students in 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Department of Nursing has been launched

The Turkish Council of Higher Education approved student admission to the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences on 01.06.2018. With an experienced academic staff, the Department of Nursing aims to create an educational environment which:

Carries out health education and practices in line with international standards and technological developments;

Pioneers professional and individual development through science and technology-based methods;

Allows students to realize their own potential and represent themselves and the profession at an international level;

Focuses on preserving and improving individual, family and community health in parallel with scientific advancements;

Offers integrated care to both patients and healthy individuals taking professional, legal, ethical and aesthetic values into account at all times;

Creates a model with the combination of theory and practice;

Raises researcher, entrepreneur, innovative and leader graduates.

Working Fields of Nurses

Graduates of the Department may work in family and community health centers, public and private healthcare providers, medicine industry, factories, educational institutions, R&D departments, quality and accreditation organizations, occupational health and safety departments, nursing homes, home care centers, outpatient clinics, oral and dental health centers, and fitness and rehabilitation centers.