A New Face to the University

Launched on 14 May 2018, new website of the University was designed and coded on the basis of ease of use, authenticity and technological innovations.

In the planning phase, the main focus was to create a user-friendly website as it is easier to be administrated and navigated. By gathering all websites under a single roof, Atilim University left sub-domain system behind and launched an integrated structure through which users can reach all content far more easily without opening new tabs for each new page.

Our team analyzed websites of Turkish and international leading universities and looked into their main content subjects and design patterns to create an authentic design and software in parallel with modern and widely-accepted trends without copying any content. Within this context, it is fair to say that the new website reflects the spirit and character of our University.

Keeping up with all necessities of the time completely, the design and software of the website was enriched with the brand new trends. Considering the fact that mobile devices constitutes 60% of visits paid to websites, Atilim University launched a sophisticated website which is compatible with mobile devices, web browsers and tablet PCs and can be displayed with all PC types.

Additionally, the design and software of the new website can easily be updated in light with technological developments in the future. All materials and substructure of the website comply with Google standards which is important for Google SEO and our ranking. With new face of the website, our University solved Google Index issues and the website can be operated with full performance in terms of Google SEO. In Google searches with certain keywords, our University has risen in rankings in a very short span of time.