A New TOEFL Center!


Having been active since 2008, TOEFL Center of the University moved to the new building of the School of Foreign Languages. The renewed center has a wider range of facilities and meets the requirements set by ETS, an American organization.

Facilities of New TOEFL Center

The Center is distinguished with its well-equipped laboratories and facilities which are listed below.

1.    Exam Halls

The Center is designed for a safe and comfortable exam experience with two large and insulated laboratories accommodating 82 test takers, 120 private code locks and a lounge. It has the highest capacity in Ankara and ceiling height of exam halls equipped with air conditioner and central heating is 5 meters so that test takers feel themselves cozy during the exam. Additionally, daylight in the hall can be adjusted by means of roller blinds mounted to clerestory windows. 
It is known that insulation is an important factor in speaking exams. Hearing voice of a participant sitting beside you may disturb your concentration; therefore, it is of prime importance to keep the silence during exams. In this respect, high-standard wall and cabin insulation in the exam halls is a valuable feature of the Center. 

2.    Location

Considering the importance of keeping the silence during exams, TOEFL center is located at the sub-ground floor across the food court where participants can get foods and beverages.
The Center is away from traffic and noise, and has a large parking lot. 

3.    Lockers and Safety

As it is forbidden to bring along personal belonging to TOEFL exam, the Center has code lockers at the entrance. By this means, participants put their belongings into the lockers and enter their code to take a safe exam. In addition, a security staff is present at the locker area. 

4.    Technical Features

Our laboratories are equipped with brand new 22” screens and personal computers with 8GB ram and ETS-approved headphones. Non-complying computers in other TOEFL centers may cause problems during exams; however, our Center supported with uninterrupted electricity and Internet connection complies with all technical standards.

5.    Food & Beverage

The food court located across the Center is open on exam days for participants.

About TOEFL: What is TOEFL? Why is it important?

TOEFL, accepted all around the world, evaluates English speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. Approximately 30 million people from 130 countries take TEOFL exam for various purposes such as higher education, visa or job applications.
By visiting www.ets.org you may determine exam date and center before application. The exam lasts about four and half hours including breaks, and is evaluated by ETS.