Prof. Atilla Cihaner’s Project funded by TUBITAK 2515-COST Program

With his project “Synthesis of Electroactive Chemiluminescence Compounds and Polymers for Blood Diagnosis in Forensic Medicine”, Prof. Atilla Cihaner, Chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, was granted a fund within the scope of COST (European Cooperation In Science And Technology) which is a European research program established to coordinate scientific and technical research and developments projects carried out nationwide.

About the Project

Units with chemiluminescence feature were integrated with electroactive trimeric compounds and conjugated polymers in the near future by a group in which our research laboratory ATOMSEL is involved. It has been reported that these compounds and polymers can be used as potential materials in place of luminol employed for blood findings in forensic medicine. These studies created a new compound class named “luminol-type compounds”. The project aims to synthesize new compounds which can be used in forensic medicine by taking part in the COST Action called “MULTI-modal Imaging of FOREnsic SciEnve Evidence – tools for Forensic Science (MULTI-FORESEE)” isimli COST Aksiyonu’na (CA16101).