School of Foreign Languages Accredited by Pearson Assured

The School of Foreign Languages was accredited by Pearson Assured for 1 year starting from 10 October 2018.

Pearson Assured is an internationally recognized quality assurance and accreditation system developed by Pearson, the world's largest training solutions company. Students of accredited educational institutions are entitled to be awarded internationally recognized Pearson Assured Certificate. The quality assurance and accreditation service provided by Pearson, which operates in the field of educational solutions in about 100 countries, is developed according to the developing world standards and accepted internationally.

Who can be awarded the Pearson Assured Certificate?

Students who successfully complete the accredited programs of the universities that have completed the institutional accreditation process conducted by Pearson Assured have the right to receive the internationally recognized Pearson Assured Accreditation Certificate. The certification process covers a period of 4 weeks consisting of application, approval, printing in the UK and delivery.

Why Pearson Assured is Important?

Students will be entitled to receive a certificate indicating that the completed program is accredited by Pearson Assured and is therefore a quality assured program.

This certificate will make skills and competencies of students more valuable both academically and professionally.

Pearson is engaged with more than 1000 organizations worldwide. It cooperates with many institutions and organizations especially in the UK, the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Certified students will be one step ahead in their admission to universities, job applications and career in these regions.