Affiliation Protocol between the School of Medicine and Medicana International Ankara Hospital

The School of Medicine and Medicana International Ankara Hospital signed an affiliation protocol on Thursday, 25 October 2018.

In the interview with İHA on the protocol, our President Prof. Yıldırım Üçtuğ stated that the School of Medicine will be launched in the next year and admit its first ever students, and added “we continue our preparations. Medical education, of course, includes not only in-class training but also practical and applied training. Students must complete a practical training at a training and research hospital in their last three years. As our university does not have a strong history in medical education, we preferred to cooperate with an experienced healthcare institution and signed an affiliation protocol with Ankara branch of Medicana Hospital. Our students will receive their first three years of education at our university campus. Then, from the fourth grade, they will carry out their applied training and internship at the Medicana Hospital. Medicana is one of leading private healthcare providers in Turkey. They have both a very wide experience and knowledge. We believe that this partnership, which will be initiated today with our signatures, will bring very successful results both for us and for our hospital and especially for future students”.

General Manager of Medicana International Ankara Hospital, Op. Dr. Gülçin Türkmen Sarıyıldız indicated that “today we celebrate the prosperous cooperation and affiliation between Atilim University which has 22 years of higher education experience in Ankara and Medicana International Ankara Hospital celebrating its 10th anniversary in Ankara. We came together to sign the affiliation protocol between the School of Medicine, Atilim University and Medicana International Ankara Hospital in order to offer the highest quality health services to our citizens and host practical trainings by combining the experience and history of both parties”.

Besides Prof. Yildirim Üçtuğ, President of Atilim University and Op. Dr. Gülçin Türkmen Sarıyıldız, General Manager of Medicana International Ankara Hospital, Yalçın Zaim, Chairmen of the Board of Trustees, Atilim University, Zerlin Zaim, Member of the Board of Trustees and Legal Counselor, Prof. Serkan Eryılmaz, Vice President, Prof. Yılmaz Kaplan, Vice President, Hüseyin Bozkurt, Chairperson of the Executive Board of Medicana International Hospital and Prof. Uğur Gönüllü, Vice Dean of the School of Medicine.