Atılım University Hosts 9th Future Learning Conference

Atılım University hosted this year’s International Future-Learning Conference, taking place for the ninth time. Initiated in 2004 at Istanbul University, the conference took place between November 9-11, 2022, at three venues simultaneously, including Kemal Zaim Sunel Conference Hall at Atılım University, School of Engineering. The main theme of the event was “Creating a Human-Focused Future”. 

Taking place with the collaboration of Atılım University, Istanbul University Department of Informatics, Turkish Informatics Association, Ministry of National Education, and TUYAFED; the hybrid event attracted researchers and educators, as well as employees from the public and private sector.  Dr. Honored with the participation by Prof. Dr. Petek Aşkar, Vice Minister of National Education to the Closing Session on November 11, the international event provided a clear comparison regarding the studies in Turkey, and the rest of the world. 

The main theme of the event at Atılım University, hosting departments for fields such as Informatics, Software, and Computer Engineering, and contributing to the field of informatics with quality researchers, was determined as “Creating a Human-Focused Future”. The sub-themes discussed in the conference included “Education, Gamification, New Technologies and People Against Natural Disasters, and Creativity”.

In the event, academicians, educators, public and private sector representatives, non-governmental organizations, students and practitioners from different disciplines shared their studies and experiences related to the main theme. Companies had the opportunity to promote their projects and products at the conference, which created opportunities to develop collaborations apart from academic development and knowledge exchange. 

The topics that were discussed in the conference involved “Technology and Human, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Based Systems, Code Learning, Cognitive Learning, Computer Literacy, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Design Thinking, Digital Divide, Digital Literacy, Digital Transformation, Remote Education and Higher Education Institutions, e-Government and e-Learning, e-Learning Strategies for Moderation and Evaluation, Ethics, Expected Student Characteristics in the Digital Age, Game-Based Learning, Gamification, Green Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Human 5.0, Smart Cities , Information Literacy, Innovative Learning, Institutional Strategies, Policies, Standards, Accreditation and Certification for e-Learning, Internet of Things, Knowledge Management, Learning with Online Games, Massive Open Online Courses, Measurement and Evaluation of e-Learning Systems, Metaverse – Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality/Virtuality, Mobile Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robot Learning, Security in e-Learning S Problems and Solutions, Social Media and e-Learning, Society 5.0, Sociological and Psychological Dimensions of e-Learning, Testing and Evaluation of e-Learning Systems, Virtual Classroom Applications, Wearable Technologies, Web 5.0 and Economy, Web 5.0 and Social Behavior”.

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