Atılım University to Specialize in “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells”

In the light of the outputs of the scientific studies conducted by and with the supervision of Prof. Dr. Yılser Devrim, the Dean of the School of Engineering of Atılım University, our University is elected to be the university to specialize in the field of “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells”, within the scope of the “Priority Fields Mission” of the Higher Education Council. To benefit from a grant to be provided to 25 universities in the 15 fields of science prioritized by the Council of Higher Education, Atılım University will be increasing its contributions to the R&D ecosystem in the field.

The sectors, fields, and sub-fields of priority as per the 11th Development Plan of the Council were determined through the examination of various reports and policy documents such as field-based competence analysis reports of universities, their technology road maps regarding priority and key technologies, and R&D and innovation subjects of relevant institutions and organizations. 

A total of 43 state and 78 foundation universities were evaluated within the scope of the fields of priority. As a result of the evaluations that took place within the framework of the "Field-Based Competence Analysis Report of Universities" by TÜBITAK, the publication and citation performances of the departments or programs that exhibit expertise and competence in these fields between the dates of 2018-2022, the Higher Education Council decided to issue priority field missions to the relevant departments or programs of 25 state and foundation universities regarding 15 fields of science.

We extend our gratitude to our Dean Prof. Dr. Yılser Devrim for having done the studies that granted Atılım University with the title to specialize in the field of “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells” as per the Higher Education Council, and believe that the studies to come will bring success to our university and our country in terms of scientific development.