“The Financial Outlook of Türkiye in the 100th Year of Our Republic”, Panel, Takes Place

A panel organized by AU School of Business titled "The Financial Outlook of Türkiye in the 100th Year of Our Republic" was held on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, at Lamia Ergenekon Hall.

Mentioning that the system of financial economic behavior in a country holds the power to influence all others, President Prof. Dr. Serkan Eryılmaz stated that the world is changing fast, and that “Türkiye may do even better in the new century by producing better-quality information.”

Then, Prof.Dr. Doğan Cansızlar, Head of Department of Public Finance; Prof.Dr. Nevzat Saygılıoğlu, Head of Department of International Trade and Logistics; and Prof. Dr. Duran Bülbül of the Department of Public Finance evaluated the financial outlook of Türkiye in detail.

Speaking to the press before the event, Prof. Dr. Doğan Cansızlar mentioned inflation to be the most important problem of Türkiye. Prof. Dr. Doğan Cansızlar also pointed out that there are many uncertainties and stated “With the developments in our region in mind, people have many questions on whether or not the targets could be achieved; but at least they are set cautiously.”